About Jo Deurbrouck

Award winning author Jo Deurbrouck is a former whitewater raft guide and a frequent wanderer down the rivers, up the mountains, and through the deserts of the West. She co-authored one previous nonfiction book, authored its revision, and has contributed to the Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, Paddler Magazine, Creative Nonfiction, The Spokesman-Review, The Vancouver Sun, and others. She holds a M.A. in English from Boise State University. She lives in Idaho with her husband and two dogs, where she is currently at work on another nonfiction book set in her beloved Idaho. This one examines the history of the public lands West and the wilderness movement through the eyes of one of the wisest—and oldest—woodsmen you’ll ever meet.

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  • Jo Deurbrouck soaking in natural hot spring pool
  • Close-up photo of grizzly bear in stream by Jo Deurbrouck
  • Owyhee canyonlands scenery
  • Action shot of Jo Deurbrouck raft guiding on the Lochsa River
  • Jo Deurbrouck having fun with cutthroat trout while fly fishing
  • Artistic photo of duck on water by Jo Deurbrouck
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  • Feet and flowers with raft on Salmon River
  • Mountain sunset photo by Jo Deurbrouck
  • Jo Deurbrouck gets a face licking from her dog Bonny
  • Jo Deurbrouck whitewater kayaking on the Salmon River
  • Jo Deurbrouck jumping from raft for laughs on Salmon River
  • Jo Deurbrouck with giant fly fishing rod
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  • Rafts and beach on Idaho's Main Salmon River
  • Jo Deurbrouck kayaking alone on the Salmon River
  • Jo Deurbrouck hugs Great Basin Wild Rye in canyon country
  • Jo Deurbrouck and her husband jumping from rocks on Salmon River
  • Jo Deurbrouck in whitewater kayak
  • Jo Deurbrouck takes a nap in canyon country
  • Jo Deurbrouck in slot canyon
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  • Jo Deurbrouck running Lava rapid on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon
  • Jo Deurbrouck sunset silhouette
  • Jo Deurbrouck and her dog Radar take a break from fishing
  • Jo Deurbrouck showers under natural desert canyon spring
  • flower macro photo by Jo Deurbrouck
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 2012 National Outdoor Book Award Winner!

“Highly creative and exceptionally well written...an impressive piece of work.”
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  • The last of the West's great wild rivers

  • A handmade dory

  • Two men determined to live life on their terms—at any cost

  • And a writer who makes their story shine